A Tail of Two Cats

It was the best of times, it was the…. oops, wrong story.

We last had a cat about 17 years ago and have been talking about getting another pet. Last year I made some inquires with a few local cat breeders, but there were no kittens available. On August 9th we went to the Seattle Humane Society’s Catapalooza event to check out the cats. We definitely were only going to look.
At the adoption center we walked around and looked at the various available pets. I found a shorthair tabby named Jack that was extremely outgoing. He never stopped rubbing my hand while I was petting him. I picked him up with no problem – some cats do not like to be picked up. Kate and the kids also looked at Jack and seemed to bond with him very quickly.
We decided to adopt Jack and filled out the paperwork. When we sat down with a staff member we learned that Jack was closely bonded with his brother Nikki and they had to be adopted as a pair. At that time we didn’t think we wanted two cats. We walked around some more and thought we might look at Jack’s brother who was hiding behind the cat furniture when we were looking at Jack. We talked to the staff member again and requested to see Nikki. He turned out to be a big cat with much the same coloration as his brother.
After a short discussion and encouragement from our daughter (she has two cats), we decided to take the plunge. We are glad we took these two guys home. They are currently staying in a bathroom until they get used to us. They come out for short periods under supervision to explore their new home.
Jack and Nikki have great personalities. Jack is the intrepid explorer. He sticks his nose into everything and is very active. He is never too busy to come over to be petted and have a conversation. Nikki is more of the gentle giant. He is 17 pounds of lap filling love. He has bonded with Kate and has quickly become her baby. He waits for her to get home and spends the evening snuggled up next to Kate in her chair.