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I hear bells or how technology will drive you crazy

Computers and cell phones…whatcha gonna do? I was being driven nuts by a jingling bicycle bell sound for about three days. It was very non directional. I would hear it intermittently when I was using my computer. I turned the computer off and waited – no bell. Got back online and searched for a solution. After following a virtual plethora of useless suggestions I gave up. Several hours elapsed and again I heard the bell. This time it seemed to be coming from elsewhere in the house. I checked all over the house to no avail. Went to use the bathroom and guess what? The bell sounded again. I wasted the better part of the day trying to track it down, No matter where I went the bell sounded like it came from somewhere else.  Funny thing, no one else heard the sound. This went on for several days. I didn’t hear the bell at all the next morning. I pretty much decided that at some time I would be in the right place at the right time and find the damn thing.  I got ready and left for Historic Flight for the afternoon. I picked up lunch to go and drove to Paine Field. I parked in a lot where I could watch airplanes on the runway. In the middle of lunch I heard the bell. It was my F*****G phone. Relieved that I wasn’t suffering from a mental breakdown I turned off all of the sounds/alarms except the ring tone. Problem solved! How the bicycle bell sound was selected on the phone I have no clue. I am just happy not to be hearing it anymore!


When I’m 64


Will you still need me? Will you still feed me, when I’m sixty-four?  Well, at seventy-one I am way passed that point.  Now I shop for shoes with velcro closures, wear suspenders, walk a bit slower and sometimes forget if I have taken my pills (there are a lot more of those these days).  When entering a restaurant the first thing I do is locate the restrooms.  My sensitivity to cold is more acute.  Two of the more frequent visitors to my circle of companions are aches and pains.  My outlook is much clearer….mainly due to cataract surgery.

All things considered life is not that bad. I have the love of family and friends and a cat who insists he needs to be petted while I am typing this.  What my seventh decade will be like I do not know.  I will try to take the bumps as gracefully as possible and appreciate the small things more.  While I do long for the good times gone by I am excited about the possibilities to come.

I must close now to get a bite to eat so I can take that back pill.

My friend Bill


I met my friend Bill around 20 years ago when we lived in Lynnwood, WA. We both shared an interest in photography. Bill and I made the step into digital cameras around the same time. He chose a Sony and I went with a Minolta. When we both upgraded to DSLR cameras Bill went with the Sigma SD9 and I the Canon 10D. We did a lot of photography together. The only area we didn’t see eye to eye on was politics, Bill the conservative and I the liberal. In spite of that we had a great friendship. Bill was always there when needed to help with something or just a friend to talk to. Bill and his wife moved to Oregon a few years back into a home they owned and had rented out for years. As often happens when people move away we didn’t see much of each other. Phone calls and emails became our main means of communication. Bill’s wife Gail stayed with us several times when she was in the area visiting friends. My wife and Gail have remained very close over the years. We drove to Oregon a couple of times to visit.

The last time I saw Bill was in January of this year. The visit was short due to Bill’s health. He was diagnosed with a form of leukemia shortly before moving to Oregon. He finally succumbed to the health problems he had been fighting over the years. Last night we had a very short but thunderous storm. The lights flickered and even darkened for a moment after a rather loud thunderclap. This morning we learned that Bill had died last night. That storm had been Bill’s 21 gun salute.